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    Toronto Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers

    We are dedicated to pursuing your personal injury and accident claims in an aggressive yet productive manner. We recognize that people who have been injured as a result of an accident or who have acquired a disabling injury are in need of financial compensation in order to be able to return to the activities and lifestyle that they used to enjoy. They also do not want to be tied up in lawsuits for several years. We therefore take all reasonable and available steps to negotiate and/or litigate their claims in a successful and cost effective manner.

    Our staff have extensive experience in the field of personal injury law and are highly specialized. We understand that people who have been injured or are ill may not have the ability to pay for a personal injury lawyer. Our fee structure is therefore based on payment at the conclusion of the case. Our rates are competitive with other lawyers who specialize in this area in Toronto and the surrounding area. If you do not recover any funds through settlement or judgment, you generally do not pay any fee to us.

    We also understand that you want to be able to speak to an accident lawyer and not have your calls ignored. We promise to respond promptly to your questions and concerns and look forward to being able to assist you in pursuing your claims.