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As Brampton’s Personal Injury Lawyer, Franklin Law Firm is committed to protecting your rights & attaining the compensation you deserve.

Has an accident injured or hurt either you or someone you know? If so, contact Franklin Law Firm today to take action and get you the financial remuneration you deserve.

Led by Brampton’s Personal Injury Lawyer, our team has more than 32 years of specialized experience and can guarantee that when we work for you, you will have access to an extremely high level of expertise combined with a dedication to client care. Our lawyer and paralegals are pleased to work with a diverse range of clients, serving those with language capabilities in English, Tamil, and Spanish.

Trusted Personal Injury Support in Brampton

How Our Team Can Support You
Many people who suffer an accident find it challenging to focus on healing physically, emotionally, and psychologically, as well as on the financial burden that usually follows. Our goal at Franklin Law Firm is to alleviate some of the burden by navigating you through this process, empowering you with the information you need regain control. Our team can educate you on your rights and responsibilities and how to file and pursue a claim for your injury.

What You Can Expect as Our Client
Typically, emotional stress resulting from an injury can cloud the mind and impair your ability to accurately recall the events that transpired before, during, and after your accident. This is why it is important to reach out to our team immediately in the days following the accident, so that we can help accurately document the events. Our experienced Personal Injury Law team approaches each case uniquely and empathetically as we pursue your injury claim.

Following an initial consultation with one of our paralegals, during which the details of your accident will be collected, our team will immediately take action towards pursuing your claim. Through our vast experience in helping clients who were victims of motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, long-term disability claims, chronic pain cases, and many other areas, we are confident that we can support you from start to end.

Our goal as a firm is to eliminate as much administrative stress as possible while you recover from your accident. This means we will help build your case, file the statement of claim, represent you in court, and ensure you get what you deserve. To prove your commitment to your success as a client, we won’t charge you upfront, and the legal fees will only be paid once your case has been won.

Our team takes pride in our high success rate. In fact, most of our cases are settled out of court and without going to trial or hearing, and our Brampton Personal Injury Lawyer have won the vast majority of claims that have been pushed to a hearing.

Your comfort and success as a client is paramount; we will lead you through you each case hand-in-hand, but we won’t stop there. Following the success of your case, we will invest the time to ensure that you have access to other benefits that can help you recover from your accident as quickly and pain-free as possible. This personalized, holistic approach to service has helped us earn the trust of families and individuals across Brampton.

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